Attention! What happened?

Your personal files are encrypted by CTB-Locker.
Your scripts, documents, photos, databases and other important files have been encrypted with strongest encryption algorithm AES-256 and unique key, generated for this site.

Decryption key is stored on a secret Internet server and nobody can decrypt your files until you pay and obtain the decryption key.

Learn more about the algorithm can be here: Wikipedia

Fbi's advice on cryptolocker just pay the ransom

What to do?

We created for you this bitcoin address 1CwNi5SSxRGVkHpRRji1HPEHMpmx2WbYr1

What is a Bitcoin address?

For decrypt your files you need to make a few simple steps:

1. Get cryptocurrency Bitcoin
We recommend:
1) - (Paypal, Visa/MasterCard, QIWI Wallet, Any Bank and etc.)
2) Buying Bitcoins (the newbie version)
3) A complete list of exchanges!
4) (OkPay, Perfect Money, Visa/MasterCard and etc.)
2. Send 0.4 BTC (~150$) to the address 1CwNi5SSxRGVkHpRRji1HPEHMpmx2WbYr1
3. After payment, confirmation is expected within from 15 minutes to 3 hours.
You can track confirmations of your transaction in
4. Click button:

You must carry out this actions before: 2016-02-22 13:00:00

At the expiry of the time redemption amount will be 0.8 BTC. Please make payment in a timely.


Do not try to cheat the system, edit encrypted files, edit CTB-locker internal files or delete any file. This will result in the inability to recover your data, and we can not help you. Only way to keep your files is to follow the instruction.